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02 October 2008 @ 07:43 pm
Apple Pie  
Name: Sarah.
Nickname: Sarah Lou, Wawa, Sarahkins, Sar Bear, Sarah-nator, Sarahnade. The list goes on and on.
Age: 14.
Location: Michigan. 

Three positive adjectives describing yourself: Amazing, ditzy (can you call this positive? Ditzy people ARE happy, so...), and awesome.
Three not so positive adjectives describing yourself: Stubborn, uh...can we go back to the positive ones?
What's your favourite place to be and why: I like to be on my trampoline. Not necessarily jumping on it, but just laying there and looking at the sky. It's very pretty and relaxing and gives you thinking time, and let's you just forget about your troubles. And it's liek 10 time more comfortable than my bed.
Favourite colours: Rainbow! I seriously like every color that's bright and pretty.
Your Likes and Dislikes:
Likes: Disney movies, but not that Disney Channel crap, I mean like the old animated movies. Like Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, etc., Colors, cupcakes, being alone, broadway, singing, movies, The Office, kitties, napping, being home, flats, pretty dresses, rainbows, taking walks, my trampoline.
Dislikes: School, mice, brown-tinted paper (the crappy recycled kind that look all brown and wood-chippy and are really thin and rip whenever you write. I know I should like it because it's recycled, but I don't care. I don't like recycled paper. Sue me.), soar throats, menthol cough drops, knowing that there are teeny tiny bugs living on you and everyone and everything, being sick.

Family or Money: Family.
Optimist or Pessimist: Optimist.
Shy or Outgoing: A little of both. I'm really shy when I'm around new people, but I'm REALLY outgoing with those I know.
Graceful or Awkward: Graceful.
Modest or Opinionated: Both.

What is your favourite PD character and why? Hmm. I like Olive because, let's face it, Kristin Chenoweth is made of win. Also, Chuck. She's cute and has really pretty clothes. And, of course Ned. Because he's awesome.
What is your favourite PD quote? Uuh...haha. I don't know. I kind of only seen one episode and that was the season premiere. But, that got me obsessed.
Why do you like PD? I love the colors and the characters. It's really witty also.
littlebitocdlittlebitocd on October 3rd, 2008 03:02 pm (UTC)
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