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04 October 2008 @ 09:40 pm
Cup Pie  
Name: Brooklyn
Nickname: Differing variations on Brooklyn, but if you call me Brook (or Brooke, that's worse) i may have to kill you. There's also the assorted nicknames given by family members, "Baby Rufus", "Dorkasauras" etc, which are entirely too hard to explain.
Age: 24
Location: Australia

Three positive adjectives describing yourself: intelligent, loyal, funny
Three not so positive adjectives describing yourself: boring, lazy, obsessive
What's your favourite place to be and why: New York. It's New York.
Favourite colours: Purple, Pink, Green, Silver
Your Likes and Dislikes:
Likes: TV, internet, travelling, musicals, watching sport, quiet nights in, reading
Dislikes: Republicans ;op

Family or Money: Um... er...
Optimist or Pessimist: PESSIMIST
Shy or Outgoing: SHY
Graceful or Awkward: AWKWARD
Modest or Opinionated: OPINIONATED
(Sorry i know caps are rude, but caps were necessary!)

What is your favourite PD character and why? Pigby! Or Digby! Actually i love Olive, she's Kristin Chenoweth, and even though the rules say not to say this, i identify with her. But i adore everyone. Emerson is hilarious, Ned is adorable and Chuck is beautiful, everyone on the show is amazing. OH! I love the Morgue Guy! "MmmmHmmmm."
What is your favourite PD quote? Oh man, this is a really hard question to answer! There are so many great ones, like: "Bitch i was in proximity!" but in an effort to narrow it down, i'm going to stick to 'Bzzzz!' quotes: "He. Is. Stalking. You.", "There's a reason i don't let Digby play in traffic!" and "I've got something to say! And i'm gonna say it you! And you! And you and your hump!"
Why do you like PD? It's amazing. The colours are amazing, the costumes and sets are amazing, the music is amazing, the narration is amazing, the writing is amazing, the actors are INCREDIBLE (ha! you thought i was going to say amazing again!), the characters are amazing, the premise is out of this world, the show couldn't be better, i just adore it. It's got so many layers.

(Optional) Any pics? Of me? No... I care too much about you to make you have to see me!