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pd_stamping's Journal

Pushing Daisies Stamping
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Which Pushing Daisies character are you most like?
Welcome to pd_stamping

Pushing Daisies Stamping

Welcome to pd_stamping. This community revolves around the characters creted on brilliant TV show Pushing Daisies. Want to figure out which PD character you are most like? Well we are here to help. There are only a few rules to follow.

"The facts are these":

1. You must join the community to vote and post an application. Yes... you must
2. BE RESPECTFUL! No one likes a pain the butt. Respect other members, or else you may have to be banned from the community.
3. If your heart is set on a character because you just HAVE to be them, don't let us know... Be subtle. If you are just going to type
"I love Olive! She is so peppy and happy and adorable and SO LIKE ME!" it ruins the point of the community and makes everyone...not want...to vote you...-.- Just don't do it.
4. To make sure you have read the rules, type any type of pie in the subject line of your app. For example "Cherry Pie".
5. Each application needs 10 votes for them to be stamped. Each week, or whenever all of the apps have been stamped, I'll let out a few more. The apps are moderated to help keep and active community. The faster you stamp- the faster your app gets out! Simple as that.
6. Place your app under an lj-cut. It keeps things organized and tidy.


☆ Only vote for one character when voting. Makes is simpler to decide.
☆ Place the character you have chosen in the subject line of your comment.

The Application

Matchmaker Theme
Application Here

Stamping Options

☆ Ned
☆ Charlotte "Chuck" Charles
☆ Emerson Cod
☆ Lily Charles
☆ Olive Snook
☆ Vivian Charles
☆ The Narrator
☆ Digby

Stamped Members


☆ Here is the list of current that we have.
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